Flamies: The Crochet Awards Annual uh Awards

Congratulations to the Flamies: 2014 Crochet Awards winners! So excited to see people and blogs I’ve been following on my crochet journey get recognized for all their hard work. If you haven’t yet click the link below to visit the award winners page and visit the best of the best.

The last time I’d crocheted anything was a baby blanket (just a great big granny square) when my now 30 yo son was in my tummy (I was so proud of that blanket and my son of course). The next item I crocheted was a blanket for his wedding. Crazy huh? Wish I had a picture of that 30 yo blanket! I’m relatively new to the crochet world and the first thing I did when I decided to get back in to crocheting was to go to YouTube and I found bobwilson123 on YouTube and loved her tutorials (I made many hats and mobius type scarves). She is so patient and I love her accent 🙂 Then I stumbled on to Mikey’s tutorials – this was before The Crochet Crowd had built up this huge community and he has the greatest laugh! Both bobwilson123 and mikey won awards this year and I’m so happy for them both because they taught me what I know (so far) about crocheting. So much more to learn including graphgans!

Moogly won Best Crochet Blog. I also love Repeat Crafter Me it is a great resource! I actually just stumbled on to Repeat Crafter Me this week 😉

The Flamies Crochet Awards for 2014

Happy Crocheting! See you next post!