Review: Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters

10009279_10152084396919531_206407567_nMy fascination with crocheting little Amigurumi animals goes back to stumbling upon a website chock full of cutesy fiber art creations. This whole creating a critter out of yarn with a crochet hook seemed a little too coordinated for me but I really wanted to make one. My crochet skill level is just above noob (barely) – would you like to view my 2 dozen scarves? I was at Michael’s with my daughters and I saw this cute little book called Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters and the “easy” part caught my eye. The little amigurumi hippo was one color and looked like the least challenging and I picked up a skein of yarn and decided to make my very first little crochet critter.

A beginner’s eye view:

The hippo’s body was relatively easy, as long as you make sure to keep the marker at the beginning of each new row (circular crochet is a little harder to track where one row ends and another begins). The directions were spot on and I managed to get the body created and stuffed. I then proceeded to make all 4 legs and the 2 ears, no problems crocheting them at all. The challenge came when I had to attach the legs and ears. Don’t get too frustrated it is a little challenging but I managed and the little hippo turned out really cute. Her name is Chloe (so named by a Facebook friend) and she’s without eyes or tail at the moment.



If you avannas-choicere looking to get in to making Amigurumi I highly recommend this book! (there is a Kindle version too) My next project is the little amigurumi lion on the front cover of the book which is also easy but is 3 colors and the mane is going to be interesting! In the meantime I need to order some eyes for these poor little fellas!